Weather Weirdness

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about some severe winter weather going on my state. We had snow as far south as mid-state, which doesn’t happen very often. My area is just south of mid-state and we had a some ice, fears of frozen over roads (which didn’t happen) and possibilities of snow. Thankfully all we got was some ice patches where rain puddles stuck around and really cold weather for a few days.

A week later there was a shift. By the next weekend, we had weather so warm that we were in short sleeves again. I wouldn’t go so far as to say you could’ve worn shorts, but I’m sure that some people did. And it has stayed like that until just the last couple of days. Now we’re having cool nights, but still pretty warm days.

Honestly I can’t remember a time when the weather has been this fickle. Sure, the weather would warm up a little bit during the winter, but we would still need a coat or sweater. It’s just so drastic and strange this year.


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