For the love of Cooking

I love to cook. I mean I really love it. For me, it’s like an art form, throwing things together and seeing the wonderful things that come out of it. I’ll be honest: the results aren’t always wonderful, but it’s always fun to see what happens.

And not only that, but when you cook your own food, you save money and it’s usually healthier. For these reasons, on Sundays, or as in this case Mondays, I’ll cook a meal that I’ll divide into lunches to take to work. Sometimes it’s simple stuff, though sometimes I do like the challenge of more complex recipes.

The Ingredients
This week, I went with simple: steamed cabbage and sausage. That’s it, just a head of cabbage and a pound of mild sausage.

All you have to do is brown the sausage in a big pot, remove it once it’s done. Then add a little water to that pot and add the chopped cabbage. Once the cabbage is done, just mix the sausage back in with it.

Like I said, really simple.



The Result
Now I’m sure you’ve heard of people making corned beef and cabbage, but I don’t really like corned beef, so I use the sausage.

See? That’s another thing I like about cooking your own food. You can customize a dish for your own tastes.



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