Last Week’s Lunch

So lately, I’ve been trying to save money and also eat healthier my making my lunches for the week on the Sunday before. I’ve been doing well with using fresh veggies and keeping it low carb. The only problem is that sometimes it’s hard to come up with something that’s low carb and also isn’t just a bread-less sandwich. Last Sunday I hit the nail on the head…meaning I found a meal that I didn’t mind eating for a 4 days (1 day is left to have take-out). And here I am, sharing with you!

Ingredients (of course, you can change the amounts depending on personal taste and family size)

  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 med green bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 med yellow onion, chopped
  • 3 Tbsp. Teriyaki sauce
  • 1.5 cups brown rice

A little secret about me, I only do easy meals as well, so the directions for this are incredibly easy! Just brown the ground beef, throw in the onion and pepper. Once the onion and pepper are almost done, put in the Teriyaki and maybe a little water. Boom! Of course, you need to have been cooking the rice at the same time. Now mix the beef stuff with the rice stuff, maybe add some kind of green veggie on the side (I opted for broccoli) and there ya go! Yummy and easy meal. Oh! I did put a little bit of butter in the rice because I wasn’t sure at first if I would want to mix it with the beef stuff, but I did at the last minute.


Judging “Book Covers”

About a year ago, I started a new job, working in a medium security men’s prison. It houses sex offenders and has the better mental health facilities for the state…meaning other prison’s send their patients to us for stabilization. Now I do have to say that we do have other types of prisoners with different levels of security. There are some that are allowed to work with us in our offices, some who are able to move about somewhat freely, and some that need to be segregated.

So what does that “book covers” saying have to do with this? Well you can’t really tell anything about a person from how they appear. Many of our prisoners don’t look like criminals, or even murderers. If they weren’t wearing their uniforms, we wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from other staff.

Here’s an example. The other day, I was returning from lunch. My department is inside the gated doors inside, so I was waiting for one to be opened when an older man come to the other side. He was somewhat on the skinnier side, maybe a few inches shy of 6ft, might have been in his 70s with completely white hair. He looked like a nice older grandpa type who wouldn’t hurt a fly. And he was in the prisoner’s all white uniform.

As I said, we do have a few different types of inmates, so this guy could have been convicted of burglary or something like that. But I don’t know that…and you can not tell by looking at him. Since he’s an older guy, it’s more likely that his crime was something more serious.

By now you’re wondering what the point of all this was or not. My point is that old saying is true. You really can’t look at a person and tell if they’re the average joe, a petty criminal, or the worst person that you could possibly meet. In this day and age, you can still give a person a chance, but always be careful.

About Me

Hello and welcome! I’m beginning again after another drop off…I keep trying the blogging thing and have always lost my motivation or something of that sort. I do really enjoy writing though so I hope to do better this time.

I have to admit: I am quite an introvert but here, it’s so easy to share with a lot of people…and I really don’t mind. There will still be some things that I won’t share but I’m sure that anyone would understand that. And I’ve found that there are times when I do really like to share things, even with strangers.

Here’s the big thing, the reason I like the idea of blogging. I like to write. No, that’s not quite right…I love to write. Blogging gives me a place to write and immediately publish something and, hopefully get some feedback. And who doesn’t like having people follow them, regularly reading the things that they write and perhaps comment on it? Even an introvert likes that.

I couldn’t tell you for sure what I’ll be writing about. Sometimes it will just be whatever is on my mind at that moment. I can promise that there may be times when I actually plan out a post and do some research. I’m a diabetic so you will probably see vents about dealing with that, or maybe some information about the disease itself.

I can’t promise that my posts will be funny or moving or anything of that sort, but I do hope that they will at least be entertaining.

“Found Footage” Gone Awry

Hello! I know it’s been a while but I’m back…and with a rant! I always promise to try to do better, but I won’t do that this time. Now on with the show! Or post…whatever…

Blair witch projectDo you remember where you were when the news of the Blair Witch Project starting coming out? There was a website, fake news articles, everything to make it all seem real. As for me, I thought it WAS real off and on until I actually saw the movie. Now there are those that say that it was crap and there were loads of problems with it, but at the time, it really scared the crap out of me. The night I saw it, I couldn’t sleep a wink because I thought that the Witch was going to come for me. Now keep in mind, I was about 20 and thousands of miles away from home an family. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

Maybe 4 or 5 years ago, I saw previews of the newest “found footage” movie, Paranomal paranormalactivityActivity. I’m sure you saw it too…those weird spots of people in the theaters and their reactions. This one I watched by myself, but during the day…and it STILL scared the crap out of me. After I watched this one, I had to get out of the house. Again, many people have had negative things to say about it, but I really enjoyed it.

Now if you haven’t noticed, I really enjoy movies with a supernatural bent to them. Ghost, vampires, even aliens. I’ve always been like this, so when I saw something about a new movie within this kind of genre (is it a genre?), I get all excited and can’t wait to try it out. But with the help of Netflix, I’ve grown tired of many of these kind and the “found footage” theme has really gotten out of hand.

Take Alienalienabduction Abduction, for example. I was looking for something to watch today while I had my breakfast and came upon this one. But I have to warn you, the best part of the whole thing is the poster for it. It was absolute crap. Just…*sigh* I wasted an hour or so of my life with this thing and wish I could get it back. Please, for the love of all things good and pure, do not bother with this if you see if in some list somewhere…just scroll right by it.

But! There is a redeeming factor. You may not remember but there was a film called The fouthkindFourth Kind. I’m not sure if it fits the “found footage” thing but it was made as if it were a documentary/interview kind of thing and honestly fooled me into thinking that it had really happened. I love this kind of thing. I love the way bits of camera footage were spliced with the interview bits. I’m not sure what reviews say about this one, but I rarely “listen” to reviews anyway. I would recommend this one. It’s really good, in my opinion…and yes it was scary.

So, readers, what movie would you recommend? What do you think of the “found footage” movies?