The “Joys” of Home Ownership

First of all, I don’t actually own the house. My dad does, and he, my sister, and I live here. During this incident, I was the only one home, though, while Dad was with his GF (who is in the hospital) and the sis was at work.

So yesterday evening, I went to the bathroom not long after I got home. When I flushed, the toilet made some wierd gurgling noise, but I really didn’t think anything of it. I’m not a plumber nor do I know anything about it, so forgive me for just shrugging it off…I won’t be any more. I went about my business: had dinner, watch some BBC Sherlock (which is awesome and will have its own post later), and just generally chilled for a while.

I decided it was time for shower and went into the bathroom…and immediately stepped in some water. For a split second I thought maybe some water had gotten spilled but very quickly realized that that was impossible. Also the floor was basically flooded. And the toilet was leaking.

I must pause here and reassure you, dear readers, that the water wasn’t gross toilet water. How do I know? I could just tell and that’s all I am going to say about that.

After trying to call my dad a few times, I just called a couple of plumbers, but had to leave a message because it was late-ish and I’m not sure if anyone was in the office. They have voice mail that someone checks (wonderfully convenient!) so someone called back pretty soon.

Long story short, Dad did finally call back right perform the plumber got to the house and after some deliberation between the two of them, it was decided that the toilet would be replaced. It was apparently original to the house, which means pretty old, and so it was about time. All of this meant that I would stay home from work and take care of this.

It is now 10:30-ish in the morning and the plumber has already been here and done the work. Now it’s just a matter of doing some cleaning and all will be well again…



Lorna Doones and a Diet Coke

Hello, everyone. My name is Rachel and I’m a sugar-holic. And a diabetic. I actually haven’t had any real sugar in months, but I crave it every day. Sometimes I think that I indulge just this once, just have one of whatever it is that I’m craving, that it’ll be ok and I’ll stop thinking about it for a while. That would never happen.

A character on a TV show once said that an alcoholic doesn’t want just one drink, they want 10. Or that that’s how it ends up. That’s how it is with me and any kind of sugary snack. It’s always been that way for me.

So sugar substitute. I’m not sure if it’s an better than real sugar…I’ve heard things. But it’s better for me than going cold turkey. Have you ever tried to give something up cold-turkey? It’s hard as hell! At first, you can really tell the difference. There’s a wierd taste with most of the sugar substitutes. But when you have to get used to it, you do. Pretty soon, you can’t tell anymore.

Most people that it’s not just sugar that’s against diabetics. Carbs are also a big problem. I also love past and bread. They’re just as much of a weakness for as the sugar…maybe more so. I think that I would be ok with never touching sugar again, as long as I could have all the bread and pasta I want. Yeah, that would be awesome.

Alas, it is not meant to be. In all seriousness, it’s a long, hard road, but it’s something that is very necessary for those of us that are diabetic. If you know something who is, please support them the best that you can, but don’t make them feel bad for wanting to have a piece of bread, that sugary snack, or something else that they don’t need. Remind them that it is bad for them and that they’ll be better in the long run to put it down and have something else.

Do you have a food allergy or some other dietary restriction? How have you dealt with it?